CC-Link description and information

CC-Link (Control & Communication Link) is an industrial automation network that processes both control and information data at high speed, to provide efficient, integrated factory and process automation.  It is an open technology field-level network that provides high speed, deterministic communication linking a wide range of automation devices over a single cable.  Today's automation systems require an effective, integrated control system.  CC-Link provides this necessary multi-vendor communication backbone. CC-Link is ideally suited for machine, cell or process control in industries ranging from semiconductors to food & beverage, automotive to pharmaceuticals, material handling to building automation.  CC-Link is already the dominant technology in Asia and is growing fast in North America and Europe.  This open network is supported by the worldwide CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA).  The association includes hundreds of CC-Link product suppliers across the globe.

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           Consider these important topics when selecting an Open Industrial Network:

             Speed                   Products           Openness           Testing                    Ease of 
             Determinism        Reliability                                       Interoperability       Implementation