CC-Link IE Control

Gigabit Industrial Ethernet

An Open Integrated Ethernet Automation network

Open-technology, CC-Link IE Control brings vast new possibilities to the world of automation.

To meet the changing demands for optimized control, openness, reliable, and deterministic handling of data on industrial communication networks, the CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) announces this 1-Gigabit Ethernet-based integrated network.  CC-Link IE Control enables seamless data communication from the plant-level enterprise network to the production floor network. This integrated industrial network philosophy also provides cost reduction for the total system engineering task from system start-up, operation, and maintenance.

High speed, deterministic Ethernet networking.

CC-Link IE Control Network is the first open standard 1Gbps manufacturing network to be released globally.

  • In addition to control data transmission, it enables information processing for maintenance and diagnostics to provide improved collaboration and productivity.


  • High-speed 1Gbps data transmission uses widely-available, standard fiber optic cable and connectors.


  • Determinism over Ethernet is ensured through the use of network common memory and does not require the use of additional hubs or switches.  Determinism over Ethernet is ackomplished through the use of a token passing technique.


  • Seamless communication is enabled from the enterprise network layer to the controller network layer to the field network layer.


  • Allows for the interconnection of multiple Control level networks.


  • Enables logging data for production tracking and manufacturing process improvement


  • Provides for device diagnostics data for equipment predictive maintenance


  • Because CC-Link IE Control is an open-technology network, the global CLPA organization supports and assists partner companies in the development of their CC-Link IE Control compatible products. This allows the end-user to choose from a variety of value-added products for their automation systems.