Conformance Test

CC-Link Product Conformance Test Request
CC-Link Product Conformance Test Documents

Procedure for receiving Conformance Test Certificate

a.     The Vendor submits the appropriate Conformance Test Request form
        to apply for Conformance Testing.

b.     The CLPA Conformance Test Lab informs vendor of the following:
             ►    Acceptance of the Test Request
             ►    Test Schedule
             ►    Required documents
             ►    Other equipment necessary to conduct test (if any)
             ►    Charge for Conformance Test

c.     The Vendor then sends all the required documents (including the results
        of required Vendor tests) and pays the appropriate Conformance Test fee.

d.     The CLPA Conformance Test Lab conducts the Conformance Test
        based on the appropriate Conformance Test Procedure.  (Results from
        the CLPA Conformance Test Lab are preliminary – until reviewed by 

e.     If the device passes the CLPA Conformance Test, the Conformance Test
        Lab informs CLPA-HQ of the results using the following documents.
             ►    Conformance Test Request
             ►    Conformance Test Report (completed for specific product)
        If the device does not pass the Conformance Test, the CLPA Conformance
        Test Lab informs vendor of the result.  The CLPA Conformance Test 
        Lab may then work with vendor and discuss design modifications.  After 
        appropriate modifications, the CLPA Conformance Test Lab may then
        retest the product again as necessary.

f.      CLPA-HQ then confirms the Conformance Test documents and makes
        the final decision on whether the product is certified or not.
        If it is certified, CLPA-HQ registers the certified product, prepares the
        specified Conformance Test Certificate and sends it to the CLPA
        Conformance Test Lab.  The Certificate describes following items
             ►    Company name
             ►    Product name
             ►    Model name
             ►    CC-Link, CC-Link IE or CC-Link/LT, Version
             ►    Reference number
        If the product is not immediately certified, CLPA-HQ and the Conformance
        Test  Lab discuss items for rejection, and the process required to pass
        the Conformance Test.

g.     The CLPA Conformance Test Lab then informs the vendor of the result
        based on the final decision by CLPA-HQ.  If the product is certified, the
        CLPA Conformance Test Lab sends Conformance Test Report and
        Certificate to Vendor.

h.     The Vendor provides the CLPA Conformance Test Lab the following
        product information
             ►    Release date of the product
             ►    Product specification overview and picture
             ►    Contact Information

i.      The CLPA Conformance Test Lab finally updates the CLPA web site
        and sends the appropriate information to CLPA-HQ for use in the CLPA
        product material.