How to Join

CC-Link Partner Association

Check out the membership levels for the CC-Link Partner Association

Step #1
Download the Membership Application (fill-in form) and Membership Agreement or call/email the CLPA Americas office to obtain these documents.


Step #2
Return the completed Membership Application to the CLPA.
                  FAX the completed form to (847) 876-6611
                  EMail the completed form to CLPA-Americas


Step #3
Review the CC-Link Specifications that are sent to you.


Step #4
Implement CC-Link compatibility in your product(s) with technical assistance from CLPA.


Step #5
Submit your product(s) for CC-Link Conformance Testing (Complete a Test Request).


Step #6
Upon successful testing, place the CC-Link Certification label on your product(s).


Step #7
Your product(s) will then be placed on the listing of CC-Link Certified Products and promoted by CLPA via the web site, product catalog, trade shows, seminars, phone recommendations, and mailings.